AlunaGeorge – I’m In Control (feat. Popcaan)


Another hit is now available and these are some good news for all listeners of future bass!

To give that sound a jamaican flair (or voice), this track is featured by dancehall artist Popcaan.

AlunaGeorge is an music duo from London consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid and were active since 2012.¹ Popcaan is a dancehall artist from Jamaica and is known for songs like Everything Nice or Party Shot, which was also remixed by ETC!ETC! and Major Lazer.²

The first time I’ve heard about AlunaGeorge was on the remix of Ta-ku on Best Be Believing. But generally they’re known for features on tracks of Jack Ü (To Ü) and DJ Snake (I Know You Like It)taking into account that I don’t know, whom to credit the latter collaboration. Anyways, I love her wonderful and touching voice which is described as „super sweet“ by critics. A great combination by two great artists (and a producer), so it looks good that this track’s gonna be a huge hit.

I like crashing waves
But I want to see them at first light

Definetly in my playlist! This track is available everywhere including Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.


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