new segment: NADEFAVS

I will regularly post some new music that I find on the journey through the world wide web (mostly on SoundCloud ? ). It’s a new segment that I call NadeFavs! I have a huuuge collection of music, some legendary old but gold sounds, some new innovative ones. Since I have started to “learn” music, I have listened to many tracks of different genres. My musical root is the german hip-hop, so I’ve started to write some german rap lyrics. But somehow this was not enough, because to complete my first tracks, I needed some beats. I’ve started with Hip-Hop beats and began to move to electro and found a lot of different ways to express yourself. I once wanted to do dubstep music, but it was just a short “phase”. To make a long story short, I’m still on it and discover many new techniques to express yourself through music. Like other artist I also get the inspiration by other tracks or artists. These I will honour with a post on my blog called NadeFavs. Some mixes will be based on these songs, so stay tuneddd!!!
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