Let’s be free!!!

I’ve decided to offer you all of my projects for free.

That means, that you’ll be able to download Flow Motion Way LP and Last Throwback EP for free. Of course you can still support me if you want by buying or streaming.
I think I’ve made the mistake to connect my beloved hobby with money. But this kind of view limits the actual quality of any project, that run through a creativity process. Also, for someone like me, who is not known and hasn’t done any promotion, it makes no sense!!!

I’ve seen a lot of artists/producers, who are giving their fans what they want: Music!
My recent LP/EP will be part of the exclusive content area, which you can find here and requires you to be a member of this blog (and some little support on SoundCloud/YouTube). Also, some more music is coming, and I will do some new remix stuff, I think it’s time.

For my next projects, I am searching for some dope cover arts, so if you’re an illustrator/designer, I would love to work with you 🙂

The link will be available on Monday (or earlier)

Thank you 🙂